Special Needs Planning

Due to physical limitations, income restraints and costs of medical care, maintaining a high quality of life for your disabled children or elderly parents is a challenging task. Even while still capable of living at home, elderly people may require services and care coordination for everyday chores and housing needs. This all costs money and the Social Security check your parent or child receives every month will not cover the expenses.

The Providence law offices of Asquith & Mahoney, PC, can put you in touch with the most affordable resources to keep costs at a minimum. This can include a wide variety of services ranging from minimal care to services designed to look after every need of the elderly person.

At the same time, we can analyze your circumstances and provide advice and counsel concerning available funding, asset protection and tax considerations. Our offices can assist you when applying for government services. If there are concerns about passing on assets to heirs, we can prepare trusts for you allowing for money to be placed in the trust and sheltered from taxation or spendthrift beneficiaries.

Experienced Special Needs Planning Lawyers

Elizabeth P. Santilli has been performing these sorts of services for her clients for over 30 years. As an elder law attorney, she is extremely knowledgeable in the area of trusts and estates, taxation, and Medicaid and asset protection planning. Elizabeth is a lifelong Rhode Islander and understands the resources that our state can provide. She will listen to your concerns and create a strategy aimed specifically at your individual needs.

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