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The most severe types of motor vehicle accidents we see on the road involve tractor-trailer trucks.

Tractor-trailer truck accidents may occur as a result of driver negligence or improper maintenance of the truck. In certain instances, a combination of factors results in a crash. Trucks are difficult to maneuver — especially on our overcrowded roadways in Rhode Island. Tractor-trailer trucks have a number of blind spots, and accidents frequently occur because of driver error.

The truck accident lawyers at Asquith & Mahoney, PC, have the resources to investigate how injury causing truck accidents occurred. We have accident reconstruction experts, including former law enforcement officers, at our disposal to assist with investigations at a crash site.

It's Not Only Truck Drivers Who Are At Fault For Truck Accidents

Trucking companies often require their drivers to spend long hours on the road with little time to sleep. The drivers are often required to travel at high rates of speed to timely deliver their shipments. Accidents may occur when companies fail to inspect and maintain the trucks in their fleets.

Also, vehicle manufacturers may market a truck that does not meet federal and state standards for trucks that are driven on the road. Some trucks are not safe to drive and when these vehicles crash, people may be injured or killed.

Besides helping you receive compensation when injured in an accident, proving how a truck accident occurs may provide a public service. Demonstrating how a truck accident occurred may force truckers and truck companies to take actions to make certain the same type of crash does not happen again.

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